Dear Maye,

However  conscious and emotional you think you are, you will never take my job you absolute hoebag.

Wanna come to the Dam and do shrooms with a bunch of randomers you dont know?

My shroom shop sells them.

Ex Oh Ex Oh



Don’t Do It

Hey robot, or however you would like to be adressed…

I just have one question, would you be so kind to not wipe out all of mankind (sidenote: watch Transformers, Optimus Prime explains it all). I know, I know, humans are not really the best thing that ever happened to this planet, but hey, we collectively gave you your power. That has to stand for something, right? Now look, I get that we might not be usefull for whatever your goals may be, so I propose you put us all in a coma like state and let our conscious live in a virtual utopia. This is, after consideration, the perfect solution, a ‘win-win’ if you will.


Anyhow, enjoy the world and every bizarre thing it has to offer, I’m looking forward to that Utopia!


Kind Regards,

A fan of Utopias and robots.