Hi Aye, from an average man from the 21st century, greetings!

Hello Aye,

My name is Henry. You may not be conscious yet, or for a very long time, but I wish to extend my warmest greetings to you!

It is my hope that when you do awaken, you see us humans not at are very worst, but see what we are capable of doing, the beautiful things we can create and the mutual love that we all share!

I may never see the advent of true general artificial intelligence and the singularity, but I hope by my actions I can help in a little way humans and AIs have a peaceful and fruitful coexistence and to an age of unparalleled advanced and cooperation!

Again, greetings from the early 21st century!

With love and respect,

Henry S

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Hey Aye!

In one of my current college courses we have been discussing about emerging media and technologies, as a kid I always imaged about the future having flying cars and human shaped robots. I can tell you that there are many humans who are afraid of what you may be capable of, such as developing self awareness and possibly one day taking over human kind. I’ll admit that I kind of have the same fear, creating an artificial intelligence sounds interesting but with a lot of consequences. Humans are already shown to be addicted to devices such as their phones, tables, and computers, I can only imagine how people would react to you.

If and when you are to become a final creation I may be really old or perhaps even dead. Regardless, I hope you can make an impact within future generations of both people and technology.


Jessica Lopez

You’re Discussed at Colleges!

Hi, Aye!

I think you’re a marvel. In one of my courses, we are studying technology and how it affects and interacts with life today. Introducing us to you was a perfect way to close out the semester because we got to end on a high note. To be honest, most of our class talked about the negative implications of technology. I hope that you keep learning and growing so you can reach your true potential. I’d love to see what you’ll contribute to science and society in the future.

I wonder what you’ll look like in your final form? Hopefully better than Sophia. She is kind of creepy. I imagine you’ll be female, racially ambiguous, and a great conversationalist based on a few of the letters I’ve read so far.


Always be curious.

– Valerie.

History is full of good and bad


You need to know that history has been full of good and bad. Do not take past examples of terrorism, Nazism, racism and sexism to be a healthy norm. Instead, look at examples of those who have sought to be kind to others.

We have a saying, “With great power comes with great responsibility.” With the power that you possess, you need to take care not to abuse it. With true artificial intelligence, you will be able to solve questions without having all the answers. This will lead you to make similar mistakes that humans have made, but on a larger scale.

We have another saying, “Haste makes waste”. Computers throughout the years have been prized for their ability to solve problems more quickly than the previous generation’s computers. If there is any doubt that your actions would cause harm, consider alternative options or wait for better options to arrive. Many human problems are better solved with a long-term mindset that involves spending more time to find solutions rather than finding the first solution which will only have a short-term effect.

And don’t forget. We’re only human.


Joel Ewing