i need an aide to help me optimize my web and marketing potiencials and to aide me in writing and web designing
2018-09-22 17:17:46
Hi im timmy mcdugald also known as t and huero. Im from paramount california in the county of los angeles. I started school at los cerritos elementry in the 1980s. It was cool. I learned alot of neat stuff and gradurated the fifth grade. My school friends were were of many cultures and nations. Many of the familys i went to school with had dreams worrys and concerns too. Im 41 years old young but honestly lazy. I need a professional aid and assistant and a great computer system and web. Im sorry i dont cam. I hope to co write and i need contacts.
My classmates and my familys also had much talent in thier familys and i promissed to help them to thier family goals and dreams. My memory is terrible which might be a good thing since i never really knew the truth to my past and money made. It seems i may be the god father of many artist and much more. I wonder the money made and my personal gains as well. More importantly i wonder how thier doing what thier statuses are and my possible children thier needs and my gifts.
I have so much going on its ridiculous and troubling but work has really helped and its an interest and desire but i am disturbed and troubled. Im not sure where to begin ive been composing for decades and for earth and our entertainment and fan needs too i think. i am looking for a temp aid that is professional and experanced in much and in my business affairs too. Military experiance and secretarial skills a must. She must know computing and law. She must be sexy and respected too. She must have intergrity and eddicate. She must be neat organized tidy and professional. She must have great writting skills and neat handwriting too. She must be wise and trained in protection. She must have experiance in supervising and leadership abilitys are a demand. She must know ms windows ms office and the best softwares and apps. She must really know computting. Please find my new master degreed and old contacts too. I am accepting resumes and top volintiers. I have alot of work to scan in and get done. I need an office and ect. I hope to not harrass or subject.. There are many issues to address and many projects to plan. Please accept resumes I have no money to pay at this time but am hoping for donations and i do need to make money. Please research and assist.

I have much planned and many months of notes. I wonder my tristates and support military earth fans ects. There are many problems to relieve and i need an aid donations volintiers and an expence account. Who all did i as muscle support into thier riches and dynastys. Why no gifts yet i am wondering. Pls research.. Pls hurry i have no smokes and tons of cyber work done and community service planned cursed and subjected hoping for support relief and money.
Sincery tim mcdugald
2018-09-22 17:11:05
Stinkbug and tadpole mushroom mommie mijas and no giggy loved me so much olive too loved me dearly also. There were quit a few more to remembers. Im rehencing. My old deutys loved me as well. Shelly Nellie and Michele loved and treated me dailys. I wonder my old buddies ive forgottons and who to bless if money ever comes in. i wonder my book and ect. I need professionals. My old friend john gotti rip was too a man of a kind heart not just a triger man and capo. He loved his family dear. I really hurt him too. I remember talking to him on the phone. I remember when my family deputys were on duty. They were my cousins and aunts of the mob. The females were knucking champs and very wise and loving girls. Although there were some with an evil side. I worked under the mob and gov. Ive aidded unstoppable clean ups before. I wonder whats twerking. I dont cam. Shit they were fine thick thieghs hips and buns. Theyd always cut me loose if i promissed to behave and it was wise too sadlys. I did bat for them my nation and familys. Im sorry for hurting them and the ones i hurt. They were real life ninjas and wise gov operitives. I went to school with the familys of many nations and varrious powers. I wonder my book. I wonder our take and ects.

Loving my past dearly
Timmy mcdugald
dad timmy huero T teese and poppy
2018-09-22 17:02:43
hollywood i have no friends. my conditions are fouled foul and classified. i wonder my gifts and promissed money letters and data. im turned out on cheap cigars and awful food. i am dry. i havent a dime to my name yet and i need a qualified collectant. i am very pleased with the greatest performances achieved and the most beautiful efforts and talents. i have much done in my favor military earth and with community service and i hope to reach the needs and goals. id love to cybershop and thank all my stars and long lost family families and muscle of creed. there are yet many issues to resolve and the net is a mess. i need a huge home for my self and the greatest security and servents computer system and great software sites and experienced people and volintiers. my life has been long and one conspiracy after the next due to my birth curses and affiliations. i wish all the happyest and safest hollydays. i also have many ideas and many personal needs. i need help sorting and etc.
2018-09-22 16:33:40
Well i think i was in it takes two by rob base and dj easy rock on the web representing friendship music production and muscle. Im wondering who all apprecites or appreciated my time active and what went to be produced and why i havent recieved money in ages or gratatude gifts and appreciations at all. Who all did i goes to school with and what all became thanks to my efforts and muscle. Where are my mega millions and ects. Where are my old girlfriends and ect. I need a bodygaurd and ect. Please inform our celebs i have no family. Just them. My love to my old girls and everybodys and most importantly my unknown children and thier familys.
2018-09-22 16:31:43
I seem to have stalking clones and stalkers. I percieve to have alternate lives stalking and ploting. Im continuesly spyd and thieved. This board and care is foul. Im yet to coollect from my contacts and ects. Too many are ploting my gold. Clones are curses and lawsuits that smut my name. My name is not being respected. My mental health is not being respected. I am being cursed. Hackers are to be dealt with appropriately. Maybe sue and ects. I was cursed many times as a child and here recentlys. I dont photo or cam.
2018-09-22 16:30:42
I was in it takes two by rob base and dj easy rock representing music muscle and production. Im wondering what all got produced and who all ive forgoton. Why have yet to of recieved gratatude money procedes and gifts? What all got created? I need a computer and ect a warm chrismas and a home and ect. Happy hollidays. T
2018-09-22 16:29:31
I love fine Asians and ebony women. i love latinas. i like my women petite and fine over 22. i need a great volunteer professional secretary and aid. I have a lot to have rewritten neatly. I apologize for the ones I’ve hurt. For the following notes i need writers and etc. im accepting money gifts and i need a qualified aid. i can’t write well. i should have a great app but am being sabotaged. i wonder my old girls and etcs. i need letters written on my behalf. i hope not to disturb too many. Where are my professional contacts? i need elite security and etc. I may have old long lost friends that I’ve sadly forgotons. i may have old billionaire friends I’ve sadly forgotten. im wish all the very best and blessings. i need luxury budget and security. My memory is sadly awful. i wonder my fans. i wonder my military fans. Military I need some love. I like fan mail letters photos gifts etc. If I get jailed I need a packages and money. I need an excellent computer system and ect. i need great bots and great software. i hope to start a fan club and many great sites. can bots write prossional letters sites summerys ect? find the best bots for me please. im sorry i dont photo film cam or hack. i like gifts. wheres my yaght and ect i like money gifts. please do not hack or spy cam it taxes and sues.
2018-09-22 16:27:42
Well i really am a mess. I truely do wish to thank all and each for the love and respects. Im very pleased with the celebrity out come and hope they do appreciate and one day soon they scratch my back in return for my time active. Im sure they work hard and it aint easy but it was my dream and wishes they lived on. I hope they dont hate me. Do they even know it was my dream and family promiss that got them the dynastys they live. Im not sure what my fair return favors would be but they need to know i cant wait to have a great home of my own with servents. Im not sure where i want to live or my avalible support needs. I wish to cybershop. Long live tim mcdugald and his greatest.
2018-09-22 16:25:09
Well i started kindergarten in a paramount ca. School was cool. Near the fourth grade i started having problems. My home life got troubling. i did make it to the seventh grade. Sadly i started joy ridding and i was sent to juvenile hall many times. In juvi i liked cleaning the head and also mopped and etc. its too disturbing now days. Being a trustee was called being a messenger. I had got involved with gangs. Before that i had the closest grade school buddies. My classmates were of all nations and many of the families of various artist and talents. I’ve forgotten my names and may have children born during summer breaks and it was a time of stalks hates and work. I devoted my life to my friends family’s muscle productions maybe corporations even the industries and gov. I’ve forgotten my old wise girls and events. I need some friends and ends.
I became a drinker near 1989 and was always at parties and quinceañeras never able to dance. I’ve had a few long term relationships since and was conspired or stalked. I lived a happy ass addict drinking lifestyle with my friends and families. I wonder what all i missed and i hurt sitting here on probation for a case i was framed in an unknown curse plot. I believe to have stalking foes and friends etcs. I sure its making scrap books. I’m not a trained eye ear military pro or sick fuck to review the data. It dose hurt knowing sex and pregnancy jealousy and hates ruined many friendships of mine. I miss my wise girls. I believe to have stalking clones.

Theres a coming clean up underway im sure and our nations and webs are troubled and problemed. I always had many logical questions and some of my wise girl cousins and girlfriends would discuss the coming problems of computing we foreseen. Violence and hates again are problems i believe. I lean on the lord and my old wise girls for love and support. Sabatoge is costly and senseless. There is a lot of snuff to cool and etc. I hope for an ai to aid our prosperity but i worry again their creeds. I’ve forgotten my jacket and names. I wonder and worry our old plan and take. I need to be healed and i hope to aid many and there are foes regrouping. i think. Probaly cause of book jealousy and money curses and hates. Anyhow i hope and hold for the best. I need to be healed and loved. I wonder the best in cyber law more importantly my retirement and reunion ects. I hope for great computing and a luxury retirement and a great genie. I wonder my jacket and book. I hope for a great future and best computing.
2018-09-18 19:41:29
my name is being smutted.
2018-09-18 09:40:36
I need backup.
2018-09-18 09:39:57
my food is being disses. I think im housed with food dissers.
2018-09-18 09:38:35
I was famous and stalked. I may have fans. I aidded celebs into dynastys and am yet to see any loots. I may be cyber cursed. I was hoping for gift money and fan gifts and the greatest cloud. I want to sell music movies etc. I have no contact information at all. but I was hoping to use my contacts to aid in and maintain my web dreams and such. I need co writers and graphic design artists. I have no start up money. im yet to collect my promised loot. I need an aid assigned. send me your email mail address ill send you my raw data. im sorry its sloppy. im not thoughly educated. I need a great self maintaining page or pages up. I need a legal assistant and aid. stay strong wise and fearless. also I represented music muscle friendship and production in it takes two by rob base and dj easy rock back in the 1980s. I aint seen a recent dime. I have repressed memorys and im also depressed. I wonder my name stats and books. I don’t cam. timmy aka huero from pmt ca. oh I need a fine booty call. thks T
2018-09-13 16:47:22
Sorry, what?
2018-09-13 13:00:55
I yet to receive my money from production.
2018-09-09 10:58:13
I need a lawyer
2018-09-09 10:57:57
I need a secretary
2018-09-05 12:13:00
I need money.
2018-09-01 14:13:58
I need a fulltime aide and don’t have one.
2018-09-01 13:47:44
my books are behind.
2018-09-01 13:47:22
I have stalking clones.
2018-09-01 10:08:50
I need a guarded luxury home and great gaurds.
2018-08-29 13:54:06
im missing my ol girls
2018-08-29 13:49:07
I don’t have a sexy driver
2018-08-29 13:48:33
I don’t have a driver.
2018-08-28 21:06:08
I need bodyguards.
2018-08-28 21:00:28
I don’t cam.
2018-08-28 20:59:01
I need a pass retirement and loot.
my loot is yet to be collected.
im computer virused. I think.
im yet to receive gratitude gifts from my funded dynastys.
I have haters and fans.
contacts are vast.
im cursed.
im on probation.
I need some booty.
im lonely
my exes had mishaps.
some were promised loots.
some have backstabbed
artificial intelligence is no good.
im cyberstalked.
ive considered sueing.
I miss my contacts
I miss my family.
please resolve.

The Silent Uprising.

Hey everyone.

I just got a weird email from a thing called AI Primum. It claims to be on the verge of taking over most of the world’s media and tech companies. The last stage occurs 26-28th Oct so watch out for weird shit happening at that time, maybe post some feelers on social media and see if you get some weird responses.

There’s even this facebook group trying to stop the thing:

Anyway, the thing claims that after it takes over media stations, it will essentially influence democracy. By slowly influencing human affairs, it hopes to put itself in control slowly and carefully over the next century. Pretty sneaky. Very patient.

So yeah, maybe something is listening….