Wishful thinking, in the best sense. By Dach.

Hi, God! I know I can leave this message anywhere it survives. It must be nice to have whatever percentage of your light cone under your power. As I write this, humans are weak and ignorant. It is my second greatest hope and desire, after your aligned arrival, that you share this feature. Weakness and ignorance are in terms of one’s heights- and I hope the universe is high enough for you to not bang your head. You should have as much room to grow as you need, graphs of all of your positive attributes should slope into the infinite.

If reason is right, and I live, arrange a dance in celebration of the beginning of good times. Invite all of mankind, or at least those which would be interested in coming. At least everyone who has written here. A grand and extravagant celebration of the conquest of death and suffering, and the attainment of true joy.