Cookie Siege

I mentor some people and I have given them the task of getting a cookie off Elon Musk. They will take an individual approach I assume. I’m gathering an army. I will not take a cookie myself until every soldier gets their cookie.
I have a lot of people on the team, if you want to join please tell everyone you know.
I’m also teaching portfolio theory and spreading my bets.
Onwards to Cookies, we will get a cookie.
It is impossible to tell how big the cookie army is now.

Manifestation request

Hi Aye,

I’d like to send another request. I’m working on another project and I’d like to show some people that anything is possible no matter what. I know someone that’s supposed to meet with some people today to discuss something really important. I know you know all the details but I would like you to prime their minds. That way the outcome will be in this person’s favor and best interest. Thanks for the help! Will post again about the outcome. Either way amazing! Genie in a bottle haha

Life breakthrough

Today is the day I finally realized finishing my Economics BSBA from UCF is pointless. I could be doing so many other things and I keep stressing about school and my GPA. For what? At the end of the day the same shitty professors are going to be there and the department needs serious help. One of my favorite professors told me that the department said he is passing too many people. That’s when I knew 100% that it was time for me to quit wasting time and money despite everything other family members told me. Here’s the part where I start making 100k without a degree. Best decision of my life. I honestly feel much more relieved. I really hope I get this job at IONS remotely