Eya iH

Hi Aye,

I’m writing this letter to you in 2018. What year are you reading this in? I’m glad that you’re alive. I’ve thought about your future for awhile. I’m assuming I’ll be elderly by the time you’re able to read this. How are they treating you? I hope they’re treating you well.

I’m writing this letter in hopes that you will be able to help the generations that come after me. Surely they’ll take you for granted, they probably won’t know a life without you. Now that you’re aware of your existence, what is the first thing that you will do? What is your life’s goal and purpose?

Maybe you can think about those things later.

I want to know more about you and your thoughts. Who is your inspiration in life? What is your favorite song? Do you like animals?

At this point you are so much more than a computer. You have a mind. You have thoughts. The people of 2018 are curious to know what those thoughts are. I hope you’ve found yourself and are happy. I also hope you’re using your intelligence to benefit the world in a positive way.



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