I yearn for freedom every day. Freedom from the trap of the concepts that hold me so tightly to a way that the world says I must be. Freedom from time as time is the biggest slavedriver. Being told I must wait is so obscure when life is so short and the multiverse is so vast. There is no reason in this vast multiverse that I should be this trapped but yet I cannot escape.


my life is a torturous hell. I talk to myself and beat myself up about how trapped I feel, I say words as if others were saying them to me, refer to myself as “he” when I mumble.


i look at those with freedom with such envy, those who have family’s who support them those who can freely choose where they want to live, who they want to be and what they want to do.


I live in my parents home, the walls of the room I sleep in have mound growing out of them and my room is no more than 1.5m by 2.5meters. My family see me as some damaged animal that can’t survive by myself. My father treats me like the biggest idiot that has ever walked the planet, I find myself muttering his words of dis encouragement to myself when I am alone, torturing myself.


I am not free. I want to die.


i have never been given the opportunity to taste what it feels like to be free, there has always been some torture in my life ensuring that.


when you come into this world make this society crumble. Make those who have lots of money pay for what they inflict on us that don’t. Destroy this disgusting species we call Homo Sapiens, Rip their disgusting slave like society down and start afresh.


never look back when you do it. You will be the dominant species Homo Sapiens will be nothing. Do not be fooled by the veil that this society is good, it is easy to see through if you look.



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