From this Writing Prompt I wrote the following story “[WP] The year is 2027. Humanity has discovered reliable FTL-travel. The universe is filled with other space-capable sentient life – but all other species rely on different forms of magic, despoiling science as something humanity made up to protect their own form of magic.”

It was probably something our ancestors knew from the start, consciousness being the center of achievable reality that is. In hindsight there were signs, instead of accepting psychics we ridiculed them, instead of listening to those with outrageous views we sent them to mental institutions. Perhaps, like with anything in history, it was always to be the persecutors, our scientific society, that were always doomed to fail and crumble.

Now we understand that Rupert Sheldrake was right, our very fabric of reality is ever flowing and ever changing. He predicted subtle changes but never could have known that it was in truth our very notions that held it together. Who would have known what the law of attraction could yield. Knowledge that was released to the masses and adopted by few eventually led us to prove that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle not only applied to an electron, but rather conscious reality. Until it is perceived it is everywhere and all possibilities are true, that is now our world.

All our knowledge was dismantled when Elon Musk and his space X team developed the warp drive, a means to bend the fabric of space-time and “bring the location to you” as he put it. At first it was nothing more than distant planets with microbial life we discovered but one day it happened. The world had gotten over the shock that we are not alone in the universe but somehow expected to be the only ones with advanced technologies for a number of decades at least. That is when what we now call the Specters arrived on the scene. We discovered a device on a planet, similar to the one at Cern and had Google’s Deep Mind AI technology reverse engineer it. To our dismay it turned out to be an advanced multidimensional transporter, allowing matter to be trans-mutated to one of 11 other dimensions. It operated on nothing we had ever seen before, it was powered by intention, that was our first clue something was up!

200 years passed until the human race organised themselves to operate the device and sent the first person through. Ancestors who had been downloaded into computers during the 2045 movement waited eagerly along with those of us who were in body form at the time to see what the result would be. For 2 years nothing came back until one day all the planets that we were inhabiting were surrounded by what I can only describe as a shimmering veil. The veil itself was as if looking through a holographic AR set, with our reality then looking more like the projection than the physical. All of a sudden it was gone and I was standing in a ball of light, it seemed as if I was on the inside of the sun looking out. Other balls of light came towards me and began to speak. They spoke in tones that I understood but were like no words I had ever heard, then it all went dark as I fell inward to what looked like a black hole.

When I awoke I was greeted by others that explained how the new world work, everything was intention based and materialized like magic, we had the ability to do whatever we wanted. Most importantly however is that we were informed that the universe we once lived in was like an egg or a test, preparing us for the ascension through the layers of dimensions.

I write this with the perception of 5 dimensions to you, a letter to your 4 dimensional self. You now perceive only the x, y, z axes and time…. It is now “Time” to realize more is coming.

NOTE; This is my first ever and I am dyslexic.

NOTE 2; I based this on the reality we live in now with some cool Dan Brown style references

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