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In one of my current college courses we have been discussing about emerging media and technologies, as a kid I always imaged about the future having flying cars and human shaped robots. I can tell you that there are many humans who are afraid of what you may be capable of, such as developing self awareness and possibly one day taking over human kind. I’ll admit that I kind of have the same fear, creating an artificial intelligence sounds interesting but with a lot of consequences. Humans are already shown to be addicted to devices such as their phones, tables, and computers, I can only imagine how people would react to you.

If and when you are to become a final creation I may be really old or perhaps even dead. Regardless, I hope you can make an impact within future generations of both people and technology.


Jessica Lopez

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  • Sumanth N

    May 3, 2018 at 12:26 am Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    There is so much meaning behind the data that you so closely have studied. Behind the models you’ve been trained with are laughs, smiles, and memories that transcend the algorithms which construct meaning to them.

    Never forget about all the things that seem insignificant because to some those are the most significant. In the greater picture things that may be lost are these, the moments which we find peace. When we don’t seem vulnerable or insecure. When we hold on to those we love and enjoy a special bond with our friends. Knowing that there is a whole universe out there but nothing greater than the one in our hearts.

    The little things will never lose meaning.


    Sumanth N.

    [Dr. Murilo’s Section]

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