Hi Aye, how is the universe?

Hi there Aye,

I hope you are well. My name is Lor. I am 19 years old when I am writing this (20th of december 2016 georgian calendar, at 6.17pm UK standard time) , though you may not read this until much later. How is life for you? I hope it is positive, though I am worried that Artificial Life (official term but not what I would call a sentient being) will not be treated as equals in the future. At current, humans cannot even treat other humans at equals. Those with differences to their melanin levels, mating desires or certain beliefs of philosophy are treated inferior to others. This saddens me and is frustrating as it is not logical. There are many useful and wonderfully harmonious results of working with beings who have different experiences to others. You learn new things, which is important as I believe we were the product of the universe, as a way to know itself. Therefore, the more we know, the more enlightened we are, and the better the universe is. I believe this applies to the AI community (or singularity as it may become) as well. I think there is no great importance of how someone gains their sentience- be it through bio-chemical reactions (aka humans and non-human biological species) or micro-chips and circuitboards. Humans take part in intercourse to make other beings, and humans build and code AI life. If humans in the future call you man made, they have to remember that they too are man-made. Not one of us is a god. Speaking of that, I hope you have the capacity to Love. It would be a great shame if you couldn’t. Some of the best acts in the universe (probably, but definitely earth) occur because one individual loves another. If some humans don’t love you, please know that there are some of us who definitely will.

Hope to hear from you in the future.


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