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  • Timothy James McDugald

    June 10, 2018 at 10:25 pm Reply

    Well robots are avalible and i hope for luxury. I aidded our celebrity dynastys and am yet to rake in money. Money is a power and problem. I hope for a great future. My status has been and is awful. Ive been logging and tiping the web for a while in hope of a healing. Im cursed and many are subjected. I hope to find a home that is safe soon. Im upset but not disgrunted. Im cyber channeled awfully and i have stalking clones and foes. I wonder my old phonebook and support. I wonder my children and the militarys. I wonder the babes and ones that devoted. I have storys to write and cant to be short change a dime. I wonder the best in cyber and i hope for a cool crowed. This is cool i need a great computer system of my own. Also our web and market places are cursed and holding. Blessed be.
    I wonder the ones i promissed to aid and why they are yet to look out for me? Anyhow keep it hater free and keep safe get me paid and blessed. Check on my old contacts and need. Lpssr T chk out the page im working on and hope to soon write a movie bio and fan page. God bless.
    Ps protect me infinitly and eternaly get me to a luxury estate and party please. I wonder the subjected and hunt to cool. Also id like to apply for diplomatic immunity and espongement. Please assist wise and professionaly. Also be advised foul computers are cursing. I have years of notes of work. I need money and a safe home and a great computer system… Please have an aid sent to me. Timothy.

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