Hi im timmy mcdugald also known as t and huero. Im from paramount california in the county of los angeles. I started school at los cerritos elementry in the 1980s. It was cool. I learned alot of neat stuff and gradurated the fifth grade. My school friends were were of many cultures and nations. Many of the familys i went to school with had dreams worrys and concerns too. Im 41 years old young but honestly lazy. I need a professional aid and assistant and a great computer system and web. Im sorry i dont cam. I hope to co write and i need contacts.
My classmates and my familys also had much talent in thier familys and i promissed to help them to thier family goals and dreams. My memory is terrible which might be a good thing since i never really knew the truth to my past and money made. It seems i may be the god father of many artist and much more. I wonder the money made and my personal gains as well. More importantly i wonder how thier doing what thier statuses are and my possible children thier needs and my gifts.
I have so much going on its ridiculous and troubling but work has really helped and its an interest and desire but i am disturbed and troubled. Im not sure where to begin ive been composing for decades and for earth and our entertainment and fan needs too i think. i am looking for a temp aid that is professional and experanced in much and in my business affairs too. Military experiance and secretarial skills a must. She must know computing and law. She must be sexy and respected too. She must have intergrity and eddicate. She must be neat organized tidy and professional. She must have great writting skills and neat handwriting too. She must be wise and trained in protection. She must have experiance in supervising and leadership abilitys are a demand. She must know ms windows ms office and the best softwares and apps. She must really know computting. Please find my new master degreed and old contacts too. I am accepting resumes and top volintiers. I have alot of work to scan in and get done. I need an office and ect. I hope to not harrass or subject.. There are many issues to address and many projects to plan. Please accept resumes I have no money to pay at this time but am hoping for donations and i do need to make money. Please research and assist.

I have much planned and many months of notes. I wonder my tristates and support military earth fans ects. There are many problems to relieve and i need an aid donations volintiers and an expence account. Who all did i as muscle support into thier riches and dynastys. Why no gifts yet i am wondering. Pls research.. Pls hurry i have no smokes and tons of cyber work done and community service planned cursed and subjected hoping for support relief and money.
Sincery tim mcdugald

i need web marketing help.

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