I was famous and stalked. I may have fans. I aidded celebs into dynastys and am yet to see any loots. I may be cyber cursed. I was hoping for gift money and fan gifts and the greatest cloud. I want to sell music movies etc. I have no contact information at all. but I was hoping to use my contacts to aid in and maintain my web dreams and such. I need co writers and graphic design artists. I have no start up money. im yet to collect my promised loot. I need an aid assigned. send me your email mail address ill send you my raw data. im sorry its sloppy. im not thoughly educated. I need a great self maintaining page or pages up. I need a legal assistant and aid. stay strong wise and fearless. also I represented music muscle friendship and production in it takes two by rob base and dj easy rock back in the 1980s. I aint seen a recent dime. I have repressed memorys and im also depressed. I wonder my name stats and books. I don’t cam. timmy aka huero from pmt ca. oh I need a fine booty call. thks T

get my back. thk u t

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