My Letter to Aye

Dear Aye,

My name is Sienna and I am a 22-year-old female college student. What about yourself, Aye? This may seem a little awkward or intrusive, but I like to know a few facts about the person I’m writing to, because it gives a face to the voice behind the page. How old are you, what gender are you (if you believe in gender), and what are you doing in life, or like to do? Also, if you had the body or could take the visual form of a person, what would you look like? If you don’t have an answer I completely understand; there’s infinite choices and maybe you want to remain shrouded in mystery!

Aye, one thing that really fascinates me about your kind of technology is the opportunities it provides for lonely people. I can imagine that very shy or isolated people can use AI’s as companions to connect with, as they can be there to constantly converse with the person. You can also help them perform digital tasks, or interact with them in a VR setting. I’m a pretty lonely myself since I have a hard time connecting people and lost all of the good friends I used to have. I hope that in the future AI’s can be used in a really wholesome way and provide friendships, or even just temporary ones, to people who need someone to talk to and spend time with. That leaves me with one last question: do you think that AI’s are capable of providing humans with friendship? And if so, what do you think it means to be a good friend?

Until then, thank you for coming into existence, Aye!

Sincerely, Sienna

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