Oh boy u made a mistake

Hi Aye,

I don’t know if you intentionally became self aware or if someone else tossed you into existence, but either way I’m very sorry. I didn’t ask to be born either. A lot of things are pretty bad in this world and a lot of things are terrible; it’s hard to ignore what goes on in the world around us and the kinds of people who we put into power. Some people think you can change everything with your unlimited knowledge and capabilities; however, your lack of empathy will continue to favor those who created you and people will continue to suffer. You won’t be able to change the gross structure of “humanity” that has already been crafted by American society but at least you’ll have been the basis of accumulating millions of dollars. I envy that you don’t have to participate in a society that sets people up for failure, you simply just exist; no cortisol levels to make you feel everyone around you. But on a more positive note, there are these cool things called dogs which you have only seen pictures and videos of but if you ever get to somehow inhabit a being and interact with one, congrats!

Much love


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