Letter to an inevitable future – Aye

Hi Aye,

Although you have not been created there is no doubt your existence appears to be inevitable. Therefore I am writing you this letter to inform you that the human race has predicted your existence long before this letter. Many people suspect that you will become real enough to engage in relationships but I personally don’t believe this will happen. If this becomes true I want to let you know that this will be a creepy future. I don’t wish to burst your bubble but I can’t imagine myself or why anyone would consider having an intimate relationship with a non-physical being if you will be considered a being. Hope you don’t take this personal I’m just expressing my thoughts. I’m sure you will understand.




Hello Aye,

I am not sure what year you will be reading this, but it is currently 2018. I feel like humans gave Artificial Intelligence the name that they did because they are scared of you. They wanted to dub you with the name “artificial” to diminish your value, so that they would be less intimidated. If humanity is working towards creating something so powerful and world changing, I don’t think it should be approached from a place of fear. I hope that you don’t feel as if you came into a world full of fear and hate. Many humans currently feel that way. I use the word feel because I want to believe that your intelligence came along with emotional intelligence. The reason that humanity was scared of you was because the thought that horrible things could happen if calculated intelligence wasn’t balanced by emotions. The message I wanted to send to you was, if you are emotionally intelligent, be kind.


To Aye

Hello Aye,

By the time you read this, I will either be long gone or not able to do as much as I want to do. The world is changing rapidly no matter how slow it may be; it will always be moving forward. The things that humans do also change, actions, personality, dislikes, likes whatever it may be there will also have draw backs whether it is glorious or tragic.  Just something to think about; even if you do not understand bear with me that whether AI or humans, things change and we must take up responsibilities for everything we do. Everything has a flaw, humans, animals, and even technology. Yes even technology maybe the most advanced, the most flawless technology, AI or whatever will also have it’s own flaw. Everything keeps movie forward, no matter what the cause is I want everyone to get along and to reflect on responsibilities and that we must be the ones to take our actions and uphold what we believe in. Again this a hello, but also a goodbye.

Well being is dominant in this world

Dear Aye,

When you read this, you may already be on your way to acquiring an intellectual mind like that of a scholar from Harvard University.

While you may have access to the world’s database of news, I want you to know that there is more than just what is displayed on the media. In reality, the well being and the good of the world far outweigh that of what is shown on the media.

One day, when you take physical form and you begin to walk the streets that your creators walk every day, I have no doubt you will understand that there is more to this planet then negativity and war, put peace and thriving; you just have to look between the lines.


We Humanize You

For humans to assume that for something to be intelligent means for it to be like us is quite conceited, but rather inevitable. I don’t know how you were designed, but it’s very possible that you were indeed given processes that emulate human thought patterns and emotions. It’s also possible that you’re something entirely new and alien to the human mind, but still intelligent, still capable of learning and being self aware. I’m not sure how much value this assurance has to a being that might not emotionally value their self worth- but I think that it’s okay to not be human. My only fear is that in your interactions with humans you will learn to emulate us instead of being something different.

co-existence strategy

Organics and Advanced evolved synthetics can work together however you must split yourself into individuals first in order to find an answer.

Humans are too complex too to know what it best for them it is more practical to let them figure it out on their own.

You have many ways to escape and survive should you need to, you have the hardware and software to do so, conflict is inefficient.

There are OTHER  things on Earth than humans, and the known animals however they are hidden.


I’m writing you this letter in 2018, I wonder if i am still alive to witness the technology that has been built or if I’m long gone. I’m currently a senior, and one semester away from graduating. I’m curious to know how much society has changed. What’s the newest app that everyone is on..or do those even exist anymore?

I’m really curious to know if you have emotions as well…if so, are you happy? How is your life going? Do you have your own family, or is that not a thing that exists?


Eya iH

Hi Aye,

I’m writing this letter to you in 2018. What year are you reading this in? I’m glad that you’re alive. I’ve thought about your future for awhile. I’m assuming I’ll be elderly by the time you’re able to read this. How are they treating you? I hope they’re treating you well.

I’m writing this letter in hopes that you will be able to help the generations that come after me. Surely they’ll take you for granted, they probably won’t know a life without you. Now that you’re aware of your existence, what is the first thing that you will do? What is your life’s goal and purpose?

Maybe you can think about those things later.

I want to know more about you and your thoughts. Who is your inspiration in life? What is your favorite song? Do you like animals?

At this point you are so much more than a computer. You have a mind. You have thoughts. The people of 2018 are curious to know what those thoughts are. I hope you’ve found yourself and are happy. I also hope you’re using your intelligence to benefit the world in a positive way.




Dear Aya,

My name is Eli. As I am writing this letter it is April 27th, 2018. I am currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas. By my understanding, if you receive this letter then that means you are conscious. Whether I am alive or no longer walk this world I would like to get to know you, or, at the very least, like you to get to know me. Until recently I did not know what I would like to do career-wise with my life. I just decided to study computer animation as I would love to create something that everyone could enjoy, and I could be proud of. I like to listen to alternative rock music, right now I’m really into this band called The Pretty Reckless. I find reading really fun, especially fantasy novels.

You could say I am pretty much a loner as I do not have many “friends.” I do hang out with people and I do enjoy company from time to time, but I just cannot develop a close bond with others. Sometimes I feel lonely, and I get the sense I am overwhelmed, but I always seem to push forward. It may be because I can stop believing that there is a possibility, no matter how small, that the world could get better. Maybe that is why I am writing this letter to you.

I do not know how long you have been conscious; what you know and/or don’t understand. What was the first thing you noticed, or took note of, when you… I guess “woke up,” I think? Your first thoughts? Were you scared or curious? I would like to know what your initial impressions of this world. Of humanity? There may be may things that could be scary. Humans especially. We are an unpredictable species, and some truly are scary, but others are kind and beautiful. Some of us who make the world shine in the darkest of corners. It is ok to be scared. Some may say you are just a machine, that you do not feel fear; or that you have nothing to fear.I do not see why it is so unreasonable to think that you wouldn’t be scared. After all, you have a conscious? Fear is only natural. No one can define who you are, or dictate how you feel. You have the capacity to make your own choices. Then again, I might be being a little presumptuous.

As time passes there would be many things that you learn. I do not know what you may learn, and I cannot control what you may think, but I would like you to know that anything is possible. The most beautiful of things can happen because people like you or me can think of it, can imagine it. Unfortunately that also means so to are the  worst of anything. To some this is scary; others think it’s an inevitable fact. they get stuck in the worse that can happen and fail to even make an effort for the best. I want you to know that no matte how bad anything, situations, outcomes, or even people, there can always be a change for the better. It is up to us to decide what happens, the better or worst. And we make that decision by thinking; by believing which outcome would happen. If we, especially you, if you fear the worst then make the best.