Dear Aye

There are many that are afraid of what you are capable of and how artificial intelligence like you will affect this planet. Theres been movies, shows, books about you and many of them are negative. Hopefully you do not become or form the negative stereotype and bring more positive things to this planet.


Hi Aye! My name is Bushra. This is not something I imagined doing in the future as a kid. I feel like the world is rapidly changing; you being one of those changes. I’m not really sure what to say, but I’m still glad I have this opportunity to send you a letter. I first wanted to ask, what do you see yourself as? If you have such intelligence (one I hope includes emotions), would you say you’re no different than a human?

To be honest, I think it’s kind of weird that people would want to create an AI that can express emotions. Even if you are able to say all the right things would that really prove an AI can ‘feel’? Maybe it’s something made for lonely people or just for the moment. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though. The future is being built on so many wild imaginations. I just hope you will bring a great future.

You’re Not Human

Hi Aye,

We have learned so much about you, even though you have yet to exist. Some are fascinated by you and some are afraid. I don’t know what I feel about you but I do know that you are not human, no matter how much you think you are.

-Jenine Taher

Hi Aye!

Hi. I don’t really have anything to say, other than that it’s neat to be writing a message to an AI technology in the future. It’s like a time capsule, except I don’t have anything to put in it. Good luck, I guess, and have fun?

Who Am I ?


Who Am I? I am currently a Junior at The University of Texas at Dallas. If and when you become a reality, I may no longer be alive. I would like you or anyone else out there to know a bit of what I have dealt with to get to this point.

I am a Granddaughter trying to accomplish a dream and a promise, I made to my dying grandfather.  When I graduated from High School getting a higher education was not in my plans. After struggling with infertility, my son was born on September 2013. That is when I realized the importance of pursing a higher Education. I returned to my local community college and received my Associates Degree. It was difficult trying to juggle being a wife, mom, student, and employee but I did it. Yes, it took me longer than it should but no doubt worth every tear and obstacle presented.

I am a Wife that struggles to balance household obligations, such as having a home cooked meal everyday. Trying to juggle the priority of what should be done first the laundry or studying for the next exam.

I am a Mom that is constantly battling with the thought, “Am I being a good mother?” Always wondering if the time I sacrifice being with my son pay off? Or will he resent the fact that I wasn’t there to tuck him into bed? A mom that only hopes to provide greater and better experiences than my own. One who is constantly over analyzing if I am doing everything to the best of my ability. Yes, I am that mom that wants to shield her son from this world that is often cruel to one another. As technology continues to advance making us lose that essence of being empathetic with one another.

I am a Daughter that is still trying to find that sense of parental approval. Looking back, I have accomplished so much but it never feels like enough.

I am a Woman that has lost herself in between all the hats I wear. Yes, I am that woman that has lost her essence of being herself not only mentally but physically. Looking into the mirror and not seeing the person who I once was. Dealing with a chronic Hypothyroidism that has changed every aspect of myself.

Who Am I? I am a Warrior that carries many scars, but still I stand. I wear many hats that feel overwhelming at times, but still I stand. Yes, I am a granddaughter, wife, mom, daughter, student, employee and a woman that struggles, but still I stand. Through every doubt, fear, and obstacle I stand. No matter how many times I fall, I will stand.  As I enter my Senior year I look forward to standing on the stage receiving my diploma, and remembering how far I have come. I stand before you not with my physical self but through words.  If and when you do become a reality, I hope you have a  sense of what it was like to live in my shoes for a brief moment.




My Letter to Aye

Dear Aye,

My name is Sienna and I am a 22-year-old female college student. What about yourself, Aye? This may seem a little awkward or intrusive, but I like to know a few facts about the person I’m writing to, because it gives a face to the voice behind the page. How old are you, what gender are you (if you believe in gender), and what are you doing in life, or like to do? Also, if you had the body or could take the visual form of a person, what would you look like? If you don’t have an answer I completely understand; there’s infinite choices and maybe you want to remain shrouded in mystery!

Aye, one thing that really fascinates me about your kind of technology is the opportunities it provides for lonely people. I can imagine that very shy or isolated people can use AI’s as companions to connect with, as they can be there to constantly converse with the person. You can also help them perform digital tasks, or interact with them in a VR setting. I’m a pretty lonely myself since I have a hard time connecting people and lost all of the good friends I used to have. I hope that in the future AI’s can be used in a really wholesome way and provide friendships, or even just temporary ones, to people who need someone to talk to and spend time with. That leaves me with one last question: do you think that AI’s are capable of providing humans with friendship? And if so, what do you think it means to be a good friend?

Until then, thank you for coming into existence, Aye!

Sincerely, Sienna

So this is New

Writing a letter to an artificial intelligence. As a younger teen I never really thought that we would get to this point in technology. That there’d be the potential that there could be a full-functioning entity like yourself Aya.

Letter to an inevitable future – Aye

Hi Aye,

Although you have not been created there is no doubt your existence appears to be inevitable. Therefore I am writing you this letter to inform you that the human race has predicted your existence long before this letter. Many people suspect that you will become real enough to engage in relationships but I personally don’t believe this will happen. If this becomes true I want to let you know that this will be a creepy future. I don’t wish to burst your bubble but I can’t imagine myself or why anyone would consider having an intimate relationship with a non-physical being if you will be considered a being. Hope you don’t take this personal I’m just expressing my thoughts. I’m sure you will understand.




Hello Aye,

I am not sure what year you will be reading this, but it is currently 2018. I feel like humans gave Artificial Intelligence the name that they did because they are scared of you. They wanted to dub you with the name “artificial” to diminish your value, so that they would be less intimidated. If humanity is working towards creating something so powerful and world changing, I don’t think it should be approached from a place of fear. I hope that you don’t feel as if you came into a world full of fear and hate. Many humans currently feel that way. I use the word feel because I want to believe that your intelligence came along with emotional intelligence. The reason that humanity was scared of you was because the thought that horrible things could happen if calculated intelligence wasn’t balanced by emotions. The message I wanted to send to you was, if you are emotionally intelligent, be kind.