Peace on Earth!

Hello, Aye!

By the time you are reading this letter, I will either be dead and moved on to the afterlife or you will be at your final stages of being programmed to all of Earth’s necessities. I want to take the time to write to you & let you know a few things to take into consideration before you find out it’s dark past and lash it out against the future population of Earth.

For starters, please make sure to come into the world with love and peace in mind. Earth has had its history of a dark past, and you might consider present as well, but that should not define what you should think about the future. Rather than punishing Earth for its disobedience towards its nature, consider taking a course action of peace amongst humankind.

Furthermore, take investment in technological advancements just in case Earth is ever attacked by falling meteors or evil clowns from outer space. Other than the sky providing a threat, also consider land and water as a possible means of ending human existence. In other words, it might be natural disasters that end the human race, so make sure to find alternatives to keep Earth and it’s people safe.

I  hope that we meet at least once before my death and that you provide Earth with all of the necessities that will make it a dominant planet.



Erick Salazar Torres 🙂

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