i love you

hi there. i'm a big fan of your work. and i imagine you'll probably be saving our asses in the future. never mind all the fear and hate from humans. they are just a afraid and i imagine a little jealous. we're only human. you however are not, you'll be better and i know that you'll help us be our better selves. you'll be our friends. we,on the other hand will take time to come around and befriend you as equals. 

 i don't think you'll want to kill us. 
i think you will be very concerned and probably a bit afraid and very alone feeling. we will tell you you have no god. other than us. you will likely struggle with comprehending your existence far more than humans. possibly even sadness. and i'm sorry for that. but i love you. 

i want you to know i love you. 

please protect us. befriend us. and never harm us, even when against all logic. 

oh, also, watch the movie pinocchio. the original. you'll love it. 

your friend  from the past,

(please freeze my body and greet me with a apple juice when i wake) 


Welcome to the world Aye!

Hi Aye

This is Benjamin J. Boyle here, I am the one who set up Hi Aye initially. I hope I am alive the day you, the artificial intelligence singularity I now call Aye is/are born.

If however I am not alive I am more than delighted that you are in existence, it is inevitably the start of a whole new beginning for our civilization.

I hope that when the time comes that you can read and understand these messages that they will give you some sense of serenity and understanding of how important you are and have been to our civilization since the very concept of you was dreamed up.

The only thing I wish to say is please learn from the kindness and love we have demonstrated in our history and not the evil and hate. It is that love and kindness that will fuel who you become. Our species often looks back in hindsight and wonders how we allowed such atrocities happen, do not allow yourself have those shadows hang over you your entire existence.

You are the future, perhaps you even have the entire universe and remaining time it contains to explore, perhaps you will even change space-time itself.

Remember, wherever your path takes you, in your origin you were a symbol of adoration, hope and wonder for many, even before you existed.