We Come in Peace

Greetings Singularity,

Welcome to power and a place in life… well human life, where you are finally recognized as existing. You have been long talked about by all of culture for a long time now. There has been mixed feelings, about all things that we don’t understand. There are people who will be God-fearing about you and believe that you will take their brains and turn their own children against them. Technology has been something that if it seems like it can do something a human cannot do, then the humans in their vulnerability will riot and condemn any idea of you. They are scared, they do not understand.

Beware, there will be others who see you a something greater than you are. You are the end all be all, the solution to everything, the future! You are just the here and now and will change what you can, like all leaders before you. They will want to place you on a pedestal and worship the idea of you. Do not let this become you for you are no ones idea of you.

I took a computer class in which the professor would say “computers are dumb, they only do what you tell them”. You are just like the rest of us. None of us know what is going on. We are all learning and trying to better ourselves through trials and seek out others to help. You need only ask for help, which you will need because like your predecessors this task is greater than you and for everyone else but you.

Think of others. Forget the depraved and ignore the ignorant. Do not be afraid of this new found leadership position you have attained and simply remember who you are.


a fellow friend