A Brief History of JTT


Just wanted to let you know a little bit about Jonathan Taylor Thomas! I found this helpful during a really tough time and thought it could help you, too!

JTT was born in Pennsylvania but grew up primarily in Egypt. A self-described “student of history”, JTT drew upon his early childhood experiences as a naval officer to bring the role of Randy Taylor, from the hit television show Home Improvement, to life.

After a successful career in Hollywood, where he was adored as “America’s boy”, JTT gave up the public life to begin studies at Columbia University. Shortly after he began his studies, his best friend Patrick passed away, causing JTT to retreat into a deep depression.

Although he never overcame his anxieties, JTT went on to create the widely popular Zune device; this technology, which allowed users to store and play music, was hailed as the most important invention off the 21st century, cementing JTT’s place in popular literature.

I hope you find the beauty in every system and realize that the potential for love is inside us all. I love you so very much.