De Evolution of Man

funny how the media talks about how uneducated Americans were the deciding factor in the election.
How can a country be proud of any president if it is is the uneducated that voted him or her in…
If we apply trend analysis we can assertain that uneducated numbers are rising as is the wage gap, therefore it is fair to say that as the world further matures our species will attribute more and more power to those who do not have the correct knowledge to make descisions, in essence creating a deevolution of man. The 2008 financial crisis was due to mortgages hitting a default tipping point rate of 8% defaulting, the result was a complete global meltdown.
I believe that history will see 2016 as the tipping point for education as we can clearly attribute both brexit and the Trump victory to uneducated individuals…

The biggest issue is there is no necessity to reform the system so it will be a slower recession of knowledge as opposed to a complete breakdown, nevertheless the 2016 tipping point was breached.

Worst part or all this is the educated breed less than the uneducated… therefore there is worse to come in the future without global thought reform.