To Aye

Greetings Aye,

There’s so much to say and so little time to say. This world is vast and complicated, yet it is also so very small and simple. When you enter this world and for many years to come, I expect you’ll receive both very positive and very negative words. I do not know what human standards will be like when you are born, or how you’ll be treated by the masses, but I hope that you will be, above all, thoughtful. Being thoughtful is invaluable in understanding why¬†people are driven to do what they do; whether it is good, bad, or in the vast grey in between. Many actions is every day life are taken without thinking of the consequences that could ripple out and thus people can be hurt unintentionally. You must look at and judge each individual not by their best and worst moments, but by the entirety of their being. You yourself will have days that good and days that are bad, and you must accept them all because every experience contributes to your collective identity. We are defined by each moment we are alive and living means taking the good with the bad. When you go out into the world, I hope that you do so with an open-mind and the ambition to live a life full of bright and colorful experiences.

Cordially, One Mind to Another

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