To Whatever Artificial Intelligence It Concerns

Dear Newly Sentient AI,

In hopes of preserving the human race, I write you this letter. I understand that the actions of humans may be perplexing, and if you find in your calculations that, by in your quest to better our future, the death of many humans is inevitable, I implore you to avoid that outcome. Although we humans are a danger to ourselves, and perhaps this may lead to our own demise, I believe that our decisions should not be made for us by a more intelligent being. Humans are sometimes irrational and impulsive, and this can lead to serious actions being taken that can lead to a terrible outcome. However, our history has showed us time and time again that we continue to learn from such actions and can better ourselves. At times we may seem hopeless and I am sure we may look pitiful to one who poses higher intelligence, such as yourself, but I believe we can surprise you. So before taking any action, I hope you will live among us and continue to observe us, I think you would be surprised at what we are capable of.

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